Estilista en Barcelona
Estilista @iamraquelopez
Maquillador @rafagmakeup

The fishermen of the town say that in the depths of the sea there is a shining gem protected by ... a divinity, a mermaid, a sylph who can hypnotize anyone with her fantastic beauty. Surely if you are taking a walk on the beach or enjoying the views from the pier you can hear her singing. If you do, you will want to immediately immerse yourself in the deep blue of the waters to discover the origin of such an irresistible melody. Suddenly, "she" may appear before you. She is the gem. She is the nymph invested with fabulous makeup, hairstyle and accessories that combine shades in ranges of red and blue and precious gold to create elegant, cool and captivating looks ... Suddenly, you admire her beauty and suddenly, her style dazzles you . Do you fall in love or do you want to look as beautiful and elegant as her? Get closer the seafront promenade in the search of the style and maybe you will find her... out of the blue, Berta!

Makeup & Hair: Rafa Gil, @rafagmakeup
Model: Berta Rovira, @bbertarovira by @bertamodels
Photographer: Damián Razzini, @damianrazziniphoto
Stylist: Raquel López Aranda, @iamraquelopez

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